Thats a Wrap!

Well that's it for 3.0 we're in code freeze now so it's only major bugs left to work on and hopefully there won't be many of those.

Now I have some more time to get some of my other projects moving along.

I'm planning on rewriting my Sample Application to take advantage of some of the new 3.0 features.

The sourceforge projects moving along again. There have been some very interesting changes and feature additions to the forum application.

And of course there is always 3.1 which even though it is a point version we have big plans for.


  1. Patrick Wolf said...

    congratulation to the team! Can't wait till APEX 3.0 is released! :-)

    Anonymous said...
    Couple of questions:-

    Are you able to give any details on what might appear in 3.1?

    Also, you suggest movement in Sourceforge - but looking at available files the forum app is dated June 2006 - so where are the updates?
    Carl Backstrom said...
    Are you able to give any details on what might appear in 3.1?

    "For the lawyers: This is not an official Oracle statment!"

    Well I know the things I'm planning,having planned for me,or getting others to build for me in no particular order. At the moment most are behind the scene plumbing features but should greatly easy development.

    Generic JSON output from reports. (This is going to be huge!)

    Generic Interface for setting n items on a page via AJAX.

    Generic Interface for AJAX posting all form items in a page/region/ tabular form/sub array to a process or page.

    SQL Workshop Overhaul, long overdue will be much faster and light weight and most importantly not lock up your browser. I also 'hope' we will allow for a page type of query builder so that a developer can lock certain tables or views and allow end users to build their own reporting.

    And finally allow for a simplified ways of building APEX+AJAX mashups (yeah I know it's a vague term) but from ideas getting bounced around it's probably the proper description at the moment.(This is going to be HUGER!)

    Of course most of these are plumbing type features, but as they are built it will allow us to start picking features to implement using these.

    so where are the updates?

    Being reviewed right now probably be up in a week or two.

    Anonymous said...

    >>so where are the updates?
    >>Being reviewed right now probably be up in a week or two.

    It's obviously been a few more weeks now - any news?
    Carl Backstrom said...

    I'll make sure the changes to the Forum Application get put up next week after Collaborate.

    Past that we are working on a whole new set of Packaged Applications for download on OTN if you think of anything specific you want just yell out on the OTN Forum.
    Unknown said...

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