APEX Javascript API documentation

Well I finally broke down and started writing up the documentation for the Javascript API.


I started on this application last week as an way to start cleaning up our library for the next release and figured hey I can kill 2 birds with one stone!

I can give users the documentation they want, I can easily see where overlaps ,notice the 4 different shortcuts for setting a value :).

I even added in a nifty AJAX commenting system , well AJAX after the first post, for each function so people can add comments links and such for their own examples, actually I like the commenting system so much I'm going to add it to my Samples Application next week so people can comment on my examples.

Well if your interested you can keep checking back on that application to see how the it's progressing, I'm aiming to have a first cut of the documentation done by next Friday but as usual it depends on how many things pop up between now and then.


  1. Dimitri Gielis said...
    Very useful Carl!

    Yesterday night I was working on a date format function in Javascript. I couldn't believe such a function doesn't exist out-of-the-box in Javascript (like we have in Oracle: TO_CHAR and TO_DATE function)
    Patrick Wolf said...
    Good idea Carl! Looking forward to have some documentation for the APEX JavaScript functions.

    Dimitri, I had the same problem a few months ago when I implemented the Browser Date Picker check. Check out the ApexLib_Convert.js file of the ApexLib Framework, it contains the necessary functions to do the job.

    LE said...
    I found that it is very convenient to use AJAX for conversion and validation. What I like most is that I can use well tested Oracle TO_CHAR, TO_DATE and TO_NUMBER functions.

    vadim said...
    Hi Carl,

    I am new to APEX so my question is probably too simple but if you could describe in 2 words the major benefit of using Cocoon as opposed to just FOP.

    Thanks in advance,

    Carl Backstrom said...

    I just went ahead and made a new post for your question, lucky / unlucky for you I was just messing with Cocoon abotu 2 hours ago.


    tom said...
    Hello Carl - your material is some of the most useful for me as a novice APEX user. BTW APEX is so very nice - kudos to the developers.

    I have a little problem - the APEX validation catches a disabled field as a null. Even if I re-enable it before submit validation considers it null (unless I mouse on a field for focus). If I remove the validation rule the DML INSERT completes successfully. (forum thread:validation error for non-null throws false error condition) Any help?

    Either way - really powerful utilities - thanks
    Ronald said...
    I am having the same problem as Tom i.e. when I use Javascript to disable an item (primary key field) I don't want User to change, the field is empty by the time the DML Insert fires. Why is this, and how do I fix it?
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