Get your Collaborate on.

So I was really planning on just showing up for the party. But all the paperwork is complete and I will actually working the APEX booth at COLLABORATE 07 plus probably helping out with one of the presentations.

So if your there stop by and say hello, I'll be the frantic guy desperately trying to brush up on my people skills and talk slower than my normal 100 miles an hour.


  1. Dimitri Gielis said...
    Cool!! an Apex booth!

    I'll definitely pass by to meet that frantic guy ;-)
    Anonymous said...

    Look forward to seeing you at Collaborate. Is 3.0 supposed to be released by then?

    Mike Smith
    Anonymous said...
    I won't make it to the conference but still hope to make it to the party. hmmmm...I must be sick...I'm going to try and get to Vegas for the party but can't afford the conference?

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