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So as I've stated before I almost always deal with static XSL files when building my XML/XSL to FOP transformations.

When I do almost always start with one of two generic XSL files as a starter. One is a Generic Report XSL and another is a Generic Name Value Pair XSL , I've cleaned them up a bit and some commenting and put them up for everybody to try out.

To use them just upload them as a Named Column Template XSL and then apply to any APEX report, the named value pair page breaks after each row because I usually use it to create pages where there is one item with lots of detail.

You will get a very generic PDF but it can used as a base for other XSL files.

These templates also show some extra XSL features, like xsl:if or xsl:choose and xsl:attribute-set. I'll be posting some more specifics on XML+XSL=FOP transforms over the next couple weeks using these two files as examples but for you people that like reverse engineering stuff these files will immediately be useful.

A working example and files for download can be found here.


I suggest this site for people unfamiliar with XSL and FOP

And I personally use XMLSpy ,one of the few Windows programs I use , for working with XML and XSL files it can directly create PDF's from an XML+XSL transform.


  1. Janey said...
    I'm trying to learn how to convert to XSL-FO, so I appreciate you insight. I'm interested to see what other specifics you ended up posting. Does it change very much if I start with files in the XML format? Again thanks for such great information.
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