OW Session Sneak Peek

So I just got a sneak peek at abstract for a particular Oracle OpenWorld session and let me tell you it sounds impressive.

Well sneak peak isn't quite the right word since I had to write the thing.

Advanced Application Express - Building Web 2.0 Applications (Carl Backstrom)

With Oracle Application Express you can quickly create applications that include custom Web 2.0 functionality. In this session you will learn about using the built-in JavaScript libraries and application views to build AJAX based interfaces and functionality. Efficient debugging, development techniques to improve reuse and the future direction of AJAX functionality in Application Express will also be covered.

It's a whole lot to cover but I talk fast, especially when I'm nervous but don't worry I also talk LOUD.

I have some ideas of what I'm going to be cover but if your going to be there or want to have the slides after and want me to cover something specific now is the time to comment.

I'm defiantly going to try and make this an advanced session so you better have studied at least the basics of your HTML/CSS/Javascript as it is only going to get about 30 seconds of overview before I jump right in.

I'm taking a hint from John's and Dimitri's posts about starting early to get all the material ready and well I'm starting early.


  1. Dimitri Gielis said...
    Wow, awesome presentation abstract!

    How many hours do you have at OOW? The topics you'll be covering will take some time, even when you talk fast ;-)

    I look forward to it,
    Anonymous said...
    would be great to have your slides...
    Carl Backstrom said...
    >>How many hours do you have at OOW?

    Yeah it's going to be fast an furious I admit but I'm pretty sure I can do it. Like I said I'm going to make the big assumption that when I'm talking about a <div> and AJAX and htmldb_Get() people know what I'm talking about..... actually htmldb_Get() will probably get a 30 second introduction as well.

    Of course there is the whole 30-45 minutes of being cornered afterwards answering questions to take into consideration ;)

    >>would be great to have your slides...

    Unless there is some rule against it I will provide my slides, notes, and an installable APEX 3.01 application.

    This might even be a good chance to try my hand at this whole podcasting thing, been itching to try that out and see how I sound at 128kps.
    Mark Lancaster said...
    Hi Carl

    Scary, but I'm presenting "Building a Web 2.0 interface with Oracle Apex" to AUSOUG QLD on August 13.

    Send me an email directly and I'll send you some screenshots. Obviously I'm interested in swapping info, so please email...

    Anonymous said...
    Excellent abstract Carl.

    I think this is one of the areas that lots of people aren't seeing APEX as a 'fit' at the moment, so it'll be great to dispel some of those myths surrounding what APEX is/isn't capable of.

    I think you're spot on to pitch this at an 'advanced' level, because much of the knowledge (CSS/HTML etc) is transferable from experience with other web development tools, so concentrating on the APEX specific side of things means more time for all the 'juicy stuff'.

    Anthony Rayner said...

    Sounds great. There seems to be a common global theme here as I too have just found out I will be presenting, 'Building The Rich User Interface with APEX' at UKOUG in Birmingham, UK in December. I will be putting an abstract up on my blog shortly too! You beat me to it!

    I too am interested in knowledge sharing with yourself and Mark, so email also.


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