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If you have a tabular form or some sort of report where the first column is a checkbox I've created a js shortcut that will check all the checkbox items in the first column (one of the requests from 3.0 instance) just add the following as the header of the first column .

<input type="checkbox" onclick="$f_CheckFirstColumn(this)" />

If you have other places where a check all option seems appropriate, but is different than this tabular form solution please contact me and I can help set it up.



  1. Denes Kubicek said...
    This is very usefull. However, I didn't know about that. Thanks.

    Denes Kubicek
    Unknown said...
    Hi Carl,

    I had a Tabular Form which had check boxes.
    The Tabular form contains data from tow sources File and database.
    So when user selects to have data from file then the same record corresponding to Database having checkbox should be disable.

    example :
    SOurce Duplicatecolumn EMPNAme CHeckbox

    File EMPName Deepti
    Database EMPNAme Carl

    If user checks for file checkbox then the Database checkbox should be immediately disabled.

    I need js for the Above requirment.

    Thanks In Advance!
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks a ton!!
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Carl,

    In my case I also want to have that checkbox in the heading automatically uncheck if one of the checkboxes was unchecked after check all.

    And automatically check if all of the checkboxes were manually checked.

    How can I do this using JS?
    Unknown said...
    Hello, this does not work in Apex 5 now. It did work in version 4. Do you have any updates for that?
    muneebahmed2 sevice said...
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