So someone sent me a link from the Internet Archive for something and I was like hey I want to look at my old sites. Though it looks like the Internet Archive misses quite a bit of the images and flash files but still there was a pretty amazing amount still around. < I think the name is description enough, a php application that would allow people to upload and comment on the doodles they did in meetings, it would automatially thumbnail and organize them.

I have all these images somewhere around 30-40 of them and will have to put them up.

And which has always been my catch all site for anything I want to do, and yes I still have it and no you can't have it because it's mine and I still like the name! is now APEX based and hosted on , though there is nothing there for public consumption at moment.

But the stuff that used to be on loungetank is still awesome, at least to me.

There is the alpha of the Geo News Reader I mentioned in my 5 years at Oracle post. the actual running version was much more elaborate, the layout kinda looks like the APEX Object Browser doesn't it :).

And look at at all the different front pages I went through. Since almost everything was built on Cocoon and I was really into building XSLT's

I still have most of this stuff on ZIP disks (remember those!!!) and now I'm going to have to dig through them to see what I can bring back even for just fun.

Anyway if you've ever had a site that you just kinda forgot about or changed so radically it's not the same site you should take a look for it in the Internet Archive, it pretty interesting seeing all the differences.

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