apex.oracle.com has been upgraded

The Application Express instance on apex.oracle.com has upgraded to 3.1

I am currently working on HOWTO's for working with some of the new features in 3.1 , the first one goes over development for Mobile's.

I am also working on my sample application and updating it to take advantage of some of 3.1 features, there have been quite a bit of changes that make those examples much easier to implement.

On a personal note I greatly enjoyed my 2 hours of downtime after code freeze before we started talking about the next set of things we want to get done ;)


  1. Anonymous said...

    So...now we can start bugging you for 4.0 features ;)

    Cheap North Face Jacket said...
    I know that there are lot of excited people out there waiting for this download. Everyone on the apex team deserves a high five for work well done.
    Cheap Louis Vuitton said...
    I'm right now using the APEX 3.0 and I haven't heard of this new release. Do you think I should download it? are there big changes in this release?

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