One problem with APEX is it has issues with dealing with text values of greater than 32k, while there is a fairly simple workaround it does have quite a few pieces and there has to be an easier way to do it.

Well in APEX 3.1 there is now an integrated javascript call to take care of this. This example also shows some of our new namespaced javascript objects and functions.

I've created a working example here.

Setting the CLOB

What's happening in the previous piece of javascript is I'm creating a apex.ajax.clob object. This object only takes one parameter when being initialized which is a function , or pointer to a function, to call when the XMLHTTP object's readyState changes. In that return function ,and for all built in APEX asynchronous AJAX calls, p is the XMLHTTP object.

Once the apex.ajax.clob object is created you just call set method giving it a string ._set(String Value);

It will automatically create a collection in your session CLOB_CONTENT and populate the CLOB001 column.

You can then use that in a page or application level process , usually by calling a doSubmit() and submitting the page.

The p.responseText on successful population of the CLOB will be SUCCESS.

Getting the CLOB

Getting a CLOB is much the same as setting one. Create the apex.ajax.clob object setting the function to call when p.readyState and then call the ._get() method which doesn't take any parameters.

This solution only deals with one clob at a time and the clob is alway put into the CLOB_CONTENT collection, though dealing with multiple clobs is also much easier, more on that later ;). But it is much easier to work with than the old workaround.

I just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey in the last week in HD. If you've never seen or it's been awhile or never seen it in HD do yourself a favor and check it out it's an amazing movie, though it looks like they were a little off on the dates.


  1. Dan said...
    Thank you for the post... most helpful! I'll be looking into this more over the weekend.
    jona said...
    Works well with IE but not in Firefox. Is it right or is it a problem from me?
    Dimitri Gielis said...
    Nice post Carl!
    Carl Backstrom said...

    Should work in both, in fact I never even tested it in IE only in FF, and I've checked on both Linux and Win, are you getting an error message?


    Thanks, I was helping someone with CLOB entry on forum and remembered oh yeah we have the new helper object.
    jona said...
    Sorry, it works now, i don't know why it didn't a few hours ago...
    Thanks for your very helpful blog!
    Paulo Vale said...
    Hi Carl,
    What do you use in your blog to format the code?

    Matt said...
    I've seen your forum posts on extending the previous workaround for multiple clobs, can you detail how to extend this shortcut for multiple clobs? Also where would I put the call to doSubmit, if I wanted to submit the page (and update non-clob fields)?

    Daniel said...
    The post is fantastic, thank you.

    Howevere, I have one question, could you let me know how do I gain access to the session CLOB_CONTENT and the populated CLOB001 via code in a procedure or tigger in the DB?


    iris said...
    I'm straggling with this for about a week now , can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong .
    Can I email you my app (one page)?

    I keep getting empty p.responseText

    Thanks in advance
    Iris hadar
    Israel antiquities authority
    iris said...
    i forgot to give my email
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    Fernando said...
    Daniel, this way you get the collection from plsql:

    l_clob CLOB;
    clob001 INTO l_clob
    FROM apex_collections
    WHERE collection_name = 'CLOB_CONTENT';
    --do something
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