All in the Family (non-Oracle)

I'm not the only person in my family with a technology related job. My sister is the Student Help Desk Supervisor at UNLV. Now if your a regular reader of my blog or posts I have on the internet you'll know about my very rational hatred of all things Internet Explorer.

So I'm very happy to know that my sister is pushing Firefox on the student population, there is hope for today's youth!

Don't let her quote fool you.
OIT’s decision to give support on Firefox is not meant to promote the browser against others, but only to ensure that Firefox users in need can receive support. Users of other browsers, especially Internet Explorer, will still receive the same level of support.

“We don’t make that distinction,” Backstrom said.

I know what she really runs on a day to day basis and what she uses for QA. ;) though I'm sure that won't effect her support of IE.

Go Firefox!!!!!!


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