Collaborate game on.

Well Collaborate has started in sunny (well not sunny today) Las Vegas, I showed up today to get registered and pick up my swag but the booths on the main floor don't open up till tomorrow.

So I decided to duck into the "Getting Started With Oracle Application Express" class just to see what kind of questions people are asking and what pains people just starting up with are having. Improving the experience for new users is always a high priority.

There was about 20 people in the class and Robert Freeman (the instructor) did a great job with walking people through the basics of development and administration of APEX.

It's always amazing the questions people have especially when they come from different development viewpoints. It runs the from Security to Exporting to Layout to Tablespace usage and on and on, but most seemed to get the answers they wanted, looks like we might have some brand new educated APEX developers soon.


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