So you want more Accordion do you!

So I had a couple comments on my Accordion Implementation I whipped up the other day.

Plus someone wanted to be able to initialize with a certain pane open and also to create the Accordion based off of regions not a report. So I took all that to heart and rewrote my implementation a bit plus some extras I wanted and you get.

Report Based Accordion

and Region Based Accordion

The onmouseover interaction now has a 1/2 second delay.

The object initialization is now a bit more robust with more options. Most of them have pretty normal defaults. The one I recommend setting everytime is OpenMaxHeight as it gives a more consistent user experience.

function pg_Init(){
pAccordian = new Accordion('accordion');
/* optional */
pAccordian.OpenType = 'onmouseover'; //onclick or onmouseover default = onclick
pAccordian.OpenMaxHeight = 150; // optional but recommended max height of opened pane
pAccordian.OpenPane = 1; // open Accordian pane on init 1 based array
pAccordian.class_Item = 'item'; // set the class to collect item item nodes
pAccordian.class_Title = 'title'; // set the class that collects title nodes
pAccordian.class_Title_Current = 'title_current'; // set the class to set current title
pAccordian.class_Content = 'content': // set the class that collects content nodes
/*init object*/


I'll probably be playing with this some more but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a slightly altered version end up in product, declarative of course ;) , it seems like a good fit.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to type as fast as this guy plays a real Accordion and I could get some real work done.


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