11g and Application Express

Well I'm sure you've read that Oracle has released the 11g. For me personally the best part of it is that Application Express is installed by default.

That's right!
No more having to beg your friendly neighborhood DBA into installing this extra Application Express thing you heard about because it's installed by default.

This should defiantly improve the uptake and usage of Application Express and shows that Oracle is serious about the future of APEX , though that question hasn't come up in awhile.


  1. Patrick Wolf said...
    Hi Carl,

    do you know what the difference between the "regular" and the which is part of 11g? See Johns posting.

    Thanks for the info
    Carl Backstrom said...
    There were a couple minor bug fixes we snuck in.
    Michael A. Rife said...
    I like your use of "defiantly" instead of "definitely" ;)
    Carl Backstrom said...
    I will definitely defiantly use defiantly instead of definitely. :)

    Stupid spellcheck never picks that up as an issue, I always mess up that particular word.

    I'd fix it, but I'm definitely defiant!

    I think I should lay off the coffee :)

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