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Well I haven't bought into the whole Web 2.0 thing, I'm not talking about the technology part of course. I think AJAX and new RIA features are here to stay. They are excellent tools in the toolkit. I'm talking about the social networking part, I've signed up on services like facebook and such but mostly I have people that are already my friends and I have IM or email contact already, and really don't see the need to add random people but hey maybe it's just me, plus some of the hype is really starting to remind me of Web 1.0.

BUT!! I am sold on tagging, I think it's one of the most important ways of dealing with the flood of data I collect, I'm an avid del.icio.us user now , thanks Tyler , and want to tag everything. I want private tags for me and public tags for outside consumption,

I want to tag my dog , good dog or bad dog, I want to tag my nephew mohawk or sans mohawk.

Plus and most importantly I'm really pushing to include tagging into this.

So in the spirit of this , and as a simple testbed, I built a very simple tagging mechanism for the examples on my sample application.

I'm still working all the kinks especially with how I deal with weighting of tags but so far I'm pretty happy with the result.

When I'm finished this will make an nice addition to the examples on my application and hopefully help people find things they need easier. I think it's much more useful than the breadcrumbs which I will probably be removing soon.

Since I don't require logins you could game the system by voting for tags multiple times or even put in ....... lets just say nonsensical tags, but I'll be administering it since I want it to be useful people.

Well have at it.



  1. Dimitri Gielis said...
    Waww, this is cool... clicking on a "vote link" will make it available on the bar under the breadcrumbs.

    A user can make his own quick menu!

    Carl: I think there's a small "delta" in your app. If I click on a tag, so it appears in the top bar. If you then want to click on such a tag of the upper bar, that doesn't work anymore, until you click on the Tab Report Basic link again (reinitialize url). I think it has to do with the # you put in your link?

    Very well done!

    Carl Backstrom said...
    Yeah I'll fix that up, it will be taken care of shortly.

    I'm building it into a package so that people can add it easily into their own applications.

    It's very simple but very useful, I'm a huge fan.
    JochenVdV said...
    I've seen some clouds on the web where the weight is translated as distance to a center: more important topics are closer together at the center, less important ones are scattered, at the edges. The effect is more like a 'real' cloud, as opposed to the now ubiquitous alphabetically ordered lists with the weight of the items reflected by the font style. I've been looking for an example, but I can't seem to find one now... Anyway, it's nice to have this in ApEx!
    Carl Backstrom said...
    I fixed up the new link pull so that they link up correctly.

    I've been looking for an example, but I can't seem to find one now

    If you can find it please post that I definitely will try and add/build that.
    JochenVdV said...
    Carl, here's an example: Literature Map for Philip Roth. It's criterium for proximity in the cloud is: "The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them".
    stik.man said...
    I love it. I've been looking for tags in all the wrong places...

    As a long-time Oracle Developer, I love and use Web 2.0 stuff all over, but have been baffled as to how best to implement them.

    Thank you for the tag cloud link. I'm going to rip off a bunch of your code right now.
    Sergio Coutinho said...
    Hi Carl,

    It is a very interesting solution and i implemented it in an APEX application i´m developing.

    I have a doubt: Is any especific CSS file necessary to work with this solution? I´m seeing some classes like "class="tag weight1"", but i can not found in the download samples of our apex application.

    One more thing. I´m worked as DBA for many year and with APEX i finally could feel the pleasure to develop web applications. It´s an amazing tool, don´t you agree?

    Best regards,

    Sergio Coutinho

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