Greasemonkey + OTN forums = Greasy OTN?

Most people that read my blog probably know that I'm frequent poster on the APEX OTN Forum.

And many time my posts contain html,css,javascript code.

And then I need to my escape my html,css,javascript code wrap it in [code]..[/code] blocks blah blah blah. So after about the 1800th time of having to do that I figured there has to be a better way.

Then I remembered Patrick Wolf's Greasemonkey APEX addon and the fact that he always a nice signature in his postings and I figured hey I bet he does that with Greasemonkey to.

And being the wicked fast person I am , with almost not moral problems about borrowing inspiration from someone else's good idea ;) , I figured hey I'll build something like that.... BUT!! I'll add buttons to do the things I need.

So now you get this otn_forum.user.js and you can see the source here.

It adds a couple buttons for quick formating and escaping html and also adds some default text for your posting.

Which is pretty easy to customize just open up the file before you load it and edit the last couple lines.

It's a very simple script I know and I'll be adding some more buttons and features but truthfully for me that's what I needed, easy and to the point.

If you have anything you want specifically add drop a line, I'll try and get it in. Or take a look at the documentation have a go at it yourself , it's surprisingly funner than it looks.

p.s vi in the house!
doh! had to do small edit now it works right 11:30pm


  1. Patrick Wolf said...
    Always entering the signature manually was too boring and I couldn't resist using Greasemonkey to do that :-)

    Have already added your script to mine, the buttons are create! Haven't thought about that. Will save a lot of work, especially the escaping.

    Great work
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Carl
    Thanks for this - tres cool and very useful.

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