2.0 (Non Oracle)

Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

(02:15:05 PM) tm: btw, there was a post on digg about this web calendar:
(02:15:17 PM) tm: you might want to give it a try
(02:15:19 PM) tm: very slick
(02:15:29 PM) me: ha
(02:15:47 PM) me: another web 2.0 social site going to change my life
(02:15:56 PM) tm: ehhh
(02:15:59 PM) tm: not so social
(02:16:03 PM) me: you know what web 2.0 is missing
(02:16:06 PM) tm: but VERY useful
(02:16:11 PM) me: a online dog food store
(02:16:15 PM) me: oh wait
(02:16:24 PM) me: we already tried that one ;)

It's been a long day.

Plus I'm trying out the ScribeFire addon for Firefox to post to Blogger, and I have to admit I like how it works it is very convenient.


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