Wednesday on Overlook II at 2pm

So unless you were there or heard about it, my presentation at Oracle World blew up in my face. It seems that Ubuntu and the projectors provided don't mix well. While it wasn't a complete crash and burn, it was definetly a emergency landing.

I had to fall back on my slides , and my whole presentation was supposed to be very slide light and demo heavy, and try to describe to people what the demo was supposed to do. I spent more times on product direction / higher level functions and I still filled the hour and not to many people left so I must have been able to pass along some good info, none the less it wasn't what it should have been.

I worked real hard on my presentation so I was pretty mad at myself/ubuntu/the projector/the world.

But this conference has given me a second chance with the Unconference event. Patrick Wolf mentioned maybe I should do it agian at an Unconference which made alot of sense to me.

So I marched up to the signup board put myself in a slot to present.

I worked way too hard way to hard on this presentation for people not to see it..

So Wednesday on Overlook II at 2pm come by and I'll give it a try again, plus I'll be showing 3.1 features on a huuuuuge projector.


  1. Dan McGhan said...

    Good luck! Will you be able to make any of the material available for those that were unable to attend?

    Paulo Vale said...
    Hi Carl,
    Please don't forget the rest of the world.
    We also want to see that presentation.
    Unknown said...

    Sorry to hear about the presentation, I know you worked really hard on it. For what it's worth, Marco and I have both been burned by the Linux + random projector + large group of people = disaster equation. I run Linux in a virtual machine on a Windows host now whenever I present (Mac host would work too). You might want to backup your xorg.conf file and try the method in this post if you get stuck again.

    Carl Backstrom said...
    Hi all,

    I'm going to build a viewlet or a vidcast in the next week at least about the debugging part, it seems I touched on alot of things people didn't know about Firebug and my 4 step process for debugging APEX + AJAX seemed to be a hit, I had a few people come up and tell me that's how the debugged but it was a long process of trial and error so they widh they know it before.

    Plus even that session wasn't prefect so I'd like to make a nice viewlet/vidcast so even the people that were there can get a closer look.
    Atul said...
    I am hoping your presentation will show up on youtube soon! I missed it and being a newbie to Apex, i know if would have gained some good info.
    Eric Brandenburg said...
    Great job with the Unconference. It was great to see your examples. I thought the AJAX report library was particularly good.

    The firebug/APEX JavaScript tips were also a big help for me.

    Carl Backstrom said...
    Hi Eric,

    Glad you liked it as soon as 3.1 is out I will put it out there so people can look at the code and have at it.

    I'm just started my Debugging viewlet so and I'm shooting for that to be out sometime next late week. It think it will be really useful for people , even people that were there will be able to look at the closer and without any minor snags like I had even in that demo.

    Unknown said...

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