Last Day OOW (with a catch)

So it's right before the demo grounds open at the last day at Oracle Open World, and I'm sure everybody is very tired.

I'm signed up to help at the demo booths for most of the day, which I really like doing, but of course as it seems is standard for me at this OOW there is a catch.

I have lost my voice!!!

But that's not going to stop me. I've written up a Word document I can point at with some standard phrases so I can at least be useful.

Hello, my name is Carl Backstrom , I apologize but I have lost my voice, fun huh?

But I can run you through some standard demos.

Have you used Application Express before?

I can show a very cool feature from the next version.

I can run you through the demo of creating an application from an existing database table.

I can run you through a demo of creating an application based off spreadsheet data.

Next version?
Calendar 2008

I have about a half hour before this all starts so if you can think of anything else you think people might ask that I should have prewritten throw in a comment and I'll add it in the Word doc.

Basically I'm going to see if APEX can just sell itself ;) which I think it can.


  1. SydOracle said...
    Well it's a novel approach to a FAQ.
    It beats miming.
    Anonymous said...
    Actually Carl, thinking back your voice did sound a bit 'ropey' last night...obviously had *nothing* to do with the beer....

    You missed out the 'How much does it cost?' answer for your cards ;)


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