Killing the APEX myth!

So as soon as I got home from OOW I saw Beowulf in 3D IMAX and it was amazing! Don't take the kids because it's not a kid movie. If you have the chance see it, see it on the biggest screen you can in 3D, it will never look the same even in the biggest home theater.

So what does this have to do with APEX?

Well it was a good hook for this posting, which it is time to kill a certain myth about Application Express once and for all.

What is that?

It is the myth that APEX cannot scale to support large number of users and/or large applications. It always seems to come up and people seem to ignore that sites like , , Oracle's internal employee directory, and (with thousands of workspaces and who knows how many users/developers) , among others support huge numbers of people everyday without a hitch.

Why is that?

Maybe it's the fact that there isn't performance problems that make it easy to disregard how well it does perform. Or maybe it's because with APEX you don't have to throw a bunch of hardware at your performance problem you usually just have to tune your SQL or make use of database features a bit better, who knows.

How can I help do this?

Well you contact our PM and give him your story about your awesome APEX application that supports large numbers of people. He is putting together some collateral that will definitively (hopefully) inform people once and for all about this.

You can work out with David exactly how you want to be mentioned, it can be in a generic form or you can be specific about your application and your company it's up to you, but please help out if possible , this has been brought up for years and it's just plain misinformation at this point and very annoying.

Oh and see that movie it is really good.

EDIT: David just blogged about the stats for as you can see those aren't small numbers.


  1. oraclenerd said...
    I would definitely love to see what David puts together. I'm trying to convince people at my new gig about the benefits...all I hear is Ruby this and Java that. I point out metalink and asktom (who's Tom Kyte? yes, we're an Oracle shop sadly).
    SydOracle said...
    With, you point out that no-one knows how many users. Similarly, with metalink. Maybe someone could worm this information out of Oracle.
    Tom is quite forthcoming about his number of viewers etc. A lot of people see that as a 'read-only' site though, not realising that there is logging going on behind the scenes, so there is write activity happening too.
    Unknown said...

    We do actually keep statistics for on a weekly basis.

    I just wrote a blog with last week's statistics here.

    Anonymous said...
    Do we know the hardware behind some of these large operations? We are running as just one database out of 40+ on a 5 year old sun box (but a large one, a sun 6800). With 1 gb of shared pool, we easily support 1500+ users and about 40K page views per day. With good sql, APEX scales tremendously.
    SydOracle said...
    Glad to see the
    I figured some-one would belooking at the logs to make sure no-one is hitting really heavy (eg production use). Nice to see them published.

    Tom mentioned his hardware setup about 18 months ago on

    "Asktom - sort of a medium sized applicaiton, but probably hit more than many "enterprise"
    applications out there. A user base of thousands, millions of transactions per month. Not huge,
    definitely not small. Runs on a 2 cpu machine that cost less than $5,000. And the machine is
    mostly idle. Response times better than many applications out there. "

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