APEX 3.1 evaluation is live!

It's that time again, we need your help to make APEX the best possible product it can be. You can register here to get your own brand new shiny workspace with that new version smell.

Please make sure to enter any issues you find in the feedback application, this is a very early beta so make sure to read through the known issues there before posting. I personally know I have features I am responsible for, that while stable are not done yet.

But what we really want for people to focus on, at least till the next build is the new Interactive Reports. We'd like suggestions , wishlists , bug reports, and feedback both good and bad so we can get this feature working the best it can.

I personally would like some feedback on theme 20 as it is made to mimic the look and feel of some of the new Fusion Applications.

Anyway have at it and and let us know what you think.


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