Why we do beta's with early builds.

Well within a couple hours why to do an early beta ,at least to me, is apparent, obviously I left something in that makes the javascript fail , in some cases, in Internet Explorer, no I didn't do it on purpose , though given my well known annoyance of all things IE maybe I did it subconsciously.

Have no fear this will be fixed, in fact it's not to far a stretch to say that it will be my #1 priority for the next build.

Another thing that came up was the new themes, just so you do know I/we do much of theme development after main APEX development is done because themes have don't have a translation or functional impact.

Theme 20 is fairly complete and please test, but as people have rightfully pointed out it is theme 19 is just a copy of theme 17. When done theme 19 will be a generic (very lightweight) mobile theme , we did bounce around building a iPhone theme but the design requirements for that are very specific to the iPhone so wouldn't be as useful for people with other mobile devices, like me.

Not to say you won't see a iPhone theme, I happen to know a guy that has one almost done and will make available to download, after 3.1 is released, but we won't ship it in 3.1.

Anyway keep testing and commenting the more things you can find and/or ask for the more things we can fix and/or enhance.

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  1. Byte64 said...
    Hi Carl,
    it's always a useful exercise to have people tampering with a beta release, no matter how "early" it is.
    We know that Oracle will come up with a fully functional release soon enough ;-)


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