(Non Oracle) Greatest Invention Ever!

The plane - nothing
The automobile - chump change
The light bulb - don't make me laugh

Computers and Electricity only matter because you need them to run this invention.

And the best invention ever made is the Roomba.

I just won some ill gotten Vegas wealth. I rarely gamble ,you can't when you live here, but when you turn a little into alot in less than 10 min it's basically free money and deserves to get spent on something you don't normally get. So after a couple days of thinking about it I decided one of the things I always wanted was a robot and why not one that cleans.

I have an inside outside dog that sheds all the time, and after three days the Roomba has made a huge difference. It might not be for everyone or every house, especially if you have a dog that might think it's an expensive chew toy, mine just looks at it annoyed when it gets near. But for me it's great. If it lasts a couple weeks , just to make sure , I'm going to go buy another one for my upstairs.

Plus it's hackable with an optional serial interface.

Oh I've also named it "Mega Maid"!!! extra points for people that know where that name came from.

Well Doug Gault knew the answer it's from Spaceballs a very very funny Mel Brooks movie.


  1. Dimitri Gielis said...
    Mega Maid come from Mega Mindi? but as she's a maid you call it like that?

    Maybe you can record a video when Mega Maid is cleaning? Would love to see it ;-)

    Carl Backstrom said...
    >> Mega Maid come from Mega Mindi?

    Nope try again :)

    >> Mega Maid is cleaning?

    Yeah I might, I'll do it right when it runs into my dog and she jumps up.
    Doug Gault said...

    Mega Maid - the Vacuum Cleaner equipped doomsday device that attempts to suck the air off of Druidia.
    Carl Backstrom said...
    We have a winner!!! Good job Doug, and what did you win?

    You won that great feeling of smuggness from knowing you know way more about either late 80's movies or Mel Brooks flicks than a person should ;)
    pkgift007 said...
    Maybe you can record a video when Mega Maid is cleaning? Would love to see it send a gift to pakistan

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