Open Apex on Sourceforge

Now as you can tell by the amount of my blog postings I'm not much of a writer but I did like my brief explination of the Open Apex project on Sourceforge and figured it was worth posting here.


Sourceforge is a place where open source projects can be hosted,
It provides many features that help in working on distributed projects
(cvs/subversion bug/feature tracking, development forums and developer
administration features). The Studio is nice and we will continue to
use it does not provide all these features it's more of a application
drop off point.

Not every application is for lack of a better
term 'acceptable/worthy' of being put up as an open source project as
it can't be extended more or developers aren't interested in working on
it, or it is too specialized, that being said we're pretty much
interested in any type of application, usually if one person has a need
for a certain application there is a 100 others that could use
something similar.

It's all a matter of communication/
advertisement, host your application somewhere with demo data, round up
some people that are willing to work on it, upload to the Studio and
post on the Open Apex Sourceforge forum
or this forum looking for developers or see if people are interested in
it and want to see more features, it won't take to many replies of "Hey
I'll work on that' or 'Wow thats cool' before people take notice.

is not a formal process for starting an project application , maybe
there should be, but at the moment I still think having a working alpha
of your application with at least one developer ready to work on it ,if
you built it that one developer is probably you :). gets you 90% of the
way there.

And if none of this works for you start your own
project again the more the merrier it can only help the Apex community
and other people.