Well since 2.2 development is over seem like I've had a little more 'free' time, well free depending on how you look at it, and have been working on some example applications and some of the Open APEX work.

I changed the look of the Open APEX site and added an rss news feed.

I also put out a shuttle demo application for the Packaged Applications page. It's pretty nice demo and installs all the files needed to run the full demo and it even has a simple wizard to try your code out and give you the PL/SQL required to use the shuttle. I also included some changes from Michael A. Rife to add the option to copy instead of move.  You can expect to see more features in the future.

And finally I'm starting up a new Open APEX project where I will be continuing development of my htmldb_remix.js stuff going to rename it of course to apex_remix.js. Basically it will be advanced widgets and javascript functionality for use in APEX applications I think I will have multiple applications within this project each one dedicated to specific widget, I liked how the shuttle one turned out, and hopefully most will include a wizard to help build any PL/SQL or javascript code that will be needed in the page, some examples might not lend themselves to that but most should.

The one thing I have to watch is that most of these widgets at least that I will build, I would like to include in some way in future versions of APEX so I have to pick an open source licenses that allows for that, I guess I have some reading and some work to do.