Hello feedburner

Just a quick post. I moved my rss feed to feedburner. I've been mulling it over for a bit and was basically waiting for Google to do it for me since Google and feedburner are same company. But now since they let you redirect the standard blogger feeds http://blogs.feedburner.com/feedburner/archives/2007/07/feedburner_integration_for_blo.php I figured that was close enough for me.

So if you feel the need point your rss readers to here http://feeds.feedburner.com/carlback
If you don't feel the need no worries 'hopefully' the redirection will work as advertised.

Looks like there was a hiccup this morning with the rss feed redirect hopefully it is all working now, please feel free to drop a line if it isn't.

A new Oracle blog to watch

So while looking around the OTN Tech Blog.

I randomly found a link to this site http://oracleappslab.com/ and from there an internal site at Oracle described here they have some interesting stuff and actually use the phrase "Web 2.0" the way it is supposed to be used, not to describe the technology but to describe the social / collaborative aspect.

It's not APEX but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on whats happening in that space if for no other reason than to borrow someone else's good idea ;).

Extra polish

Well if there is one thing I know in a web application many times it's the details that count.

So here are two quick links to help out with some of the smaller graphic details that sometimes make a difference, especially when your like me and are graphically challenged.

1. Create your AJAX loading graphic http://www.ajaxload.info/

A nice loading graphic for your AJAX requests customized for you applications look and feel is always nice.

2. Create Striped Backgrounds

Striped backgrounds (for page or region headers usually) are nice because they are fairly small graphics which equals fast downloads. While you can end up with some pretty garish designs used properly you can get a nice look for minimal page weight.