Mini Check All HowTo

I should just mail CC blogger on some of my emails so they automatically get posted.


If you have a tabular form or some sort of report where the first column is a checkbox I've created a js shortcut that will check all the checkbox items in the first column (one of the requests from 3.0 instance) just add the following as the header of the first column .

<input type="checkbox" onclick="$f_CheckFirstColumn(this)" />

If you have other places where a check all option seems appropriate, but is different than this tabular form solution please contact me and I can help set it up.


Music to code to.

I listen to music all day and I have pretty eclectic tastes, this podcast just came up in the rotation and I'm pretty into it at the moment, it's not my normal taste but I like it.

Give it a listen especially if you like The Police

Playlist - DS 57 - Police Undercover Versions

01 Undercover Versions Police Horns & Helis Intro
02 The Police - Reggatta de Blanc original version- Reggatta de Blanc
03 The Police - Walking on The Moon - Drum and Bass Phat Remix
04 Sting and Ziggy Marley - One World - Jazzy Marsalis version
05 The Police - Bed's Too Big - Live Dub Version - Police Live in Paris 1980
06 Shinehead - Jamaican in New York - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
07 Steel Pulse - I Can't Stand Losing - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
08 Pato Banton - One World - Tudo De Bum Live in Brazil
09 Plastilina_Mosh - Bed's Too Big - Jungle DnB Version - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
10 Aswad - Roxanne 1997 Version - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
11 Ina Kamoze - Call The Police Sly and Robbie Dub version - Here Comes The Hotstepper EP
12 Sting and Ranking Roger - Demolition Man Soulpower Mix (DJ ChillWill double ranking edit)
13 Puya - Skank (Spirits in The Material World) - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
14 Interlude - Sting - If You Love Somebody - Soulpower Hip Hop Mix (DJCW extroedit)
15 The Police - Oh My God - Original Version - Synchronicity
16 Sting and Ranking Roger - Bed's Too Big Top Ranking Version - Let Your Soul Be EP
17 Los Pericos - Darkness Drum and Bass Version - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
18 Desorden Publico - Man in a Suitcase/One World - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
19 The Police - Someone to Talk To / How Stupid Mr. Bates - Message in a Box
20 Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist - Brazzaville and Samburu Sunset Intros
21 The Police - Tea in The Sahara - Synchronicity - Original Version
22 ColdCut - Beats and Pieces - When I Was a Kid - The Breaks - Extroversion

Train Schedule

Shopping List
House Keys
Cell Phone
!!!Train Schedule (Do Not Forget VERY Important)!!!

Train Runs Through Bangkok Market - Watch more free videos

Since Application Express can use WebServices and can integrate JSON like any other webpage. Take a look at this site which has a bunch free WebServices,XML and JSON feeds which can be integrated into an APEX application.

As John Scott and Dimitri Gielis mentioned on their blogs I did a video for them for the Apex Evangelists European Training days. At one point I was planning on going there and helping out but that just didn't work out, so I did this video for them instead.

And then one of the boss's asked to see it after reading about it, and thought it was pretty nice and said I should post it. I'm a little rough around the edges with the whole vidcasting/vblogging thing , nothing a little practice won't fix, but I had alot of fun doing it and am planning on more of them in the future.

So here it is in all it's grainy Google video goodness.

If you want to watch the higher definition version you can download from here but on Windows I can only get it to run using vlc , my favorite cross platform video player.

I did the whole thing on Linux and the programs I used, while lacking a little polish, were very easy to use.


And finally as an OOW note , John and Dimitri , I like my beers tall , cold and plentiful :)

Most people that read my blog probably know that I'm frequent poster on the APEX OTN Forum.

And many time my posts contain html,css,javascript code.

And then I need to my escape my html,css,javascript code wrap it in [code]..[/code] blocks blah blah blah. So after about the 1800th time of having to do that I figured there has to be a better way.

Then I remembered Patrick Wolf's Greasemonkey APEX addon and the fact that he always a nice signature in his postings and I figured hey I bet he does that with Greasemonkey to.

And being the wicked fast person I am , with almost not moral problems about borrowing inspiration from someone else's good idea ;) , I figured hey I'll build something like that.... BUT!! I'll add buttons to do the things I need.

So now you get this otn_forum.user.js and you can see the source here.

It adds a couple buttons for quick formating and escaping html and also adds some default text for your posting.

Which is pretty easy to customize just open up the file before you load it and edit the last couple lines.

It's a very simple script I know and I'll be adding some more buttons and features but truthfully for me that's what I needed, easy and to the point.

If you have anything you want specifically add drop a line, I'll try and get it in. Or take a look at the documentation have a go at it yourself , it's surprisingly funner than it looks.

p.s vi in the house!
doh! had to do small edit now it works right 11:30pm 2.0 (Non Oracle)

Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

(02:15:05 PM) tm: btw, there was a post on digg about this web calendar:
(02:15:17 PM) tm: you might want to give it a try
(02:15:19 PM) tm: very slick
(02:15:29 PM) me: ha
(02:15:47 PM) me: another web 2.0 social site going to change my life
(02:15:56 PM) tm: ehhh
(02:15:59 PM) tm: not so social
(02:16:03 PM) me: you know what web 2.0 is missing
(02:16:06 PM) tm: but VERY useful
(02:16:11 PM) me: a online dog food store
(02:16:15 PM) me: oh wait
(02:16:24 PM) me: we already tried that one ;)

It's been a long day.

Plus I'm trying out the ScribeFire addon for Firefox to post to Blogger, and I have to admit I like how it works it is very convenient.

I'll let the video explain.

So someone sent me a link from the Internet Archive for something and I was like hey I want to look at my old sites. Though it looks like the Internet Archive misses quite a bit of the images and flash files but still there was a pretty amazing amount still around. < I think the name is description enough, a php application that would allow people to upload and comment on the doodles they did in meetings, it would automatially thumbnail and organize them.

I have all these images somewhere around 30-40 of them and will have to put them up.

And which has always been my catch all site for anything I want to do, and yes I still have it and no you can't have it because it's mine and I still like the name! is now APEX based and hosted on , though there is nothing there for public consumption at moment.

But the stuff that used to be on loungetank is still awesome, at least to me.

There is the alpha of the Geo News Reader I mentioned in my 5 years at Oracle post. the actual running version was much more elaborate, the layout kinda looks like the APEX Object Browser doesn't it :).

And look at at all the different front pages I went through. Since almost everything was built on Cocoon and I was really into building XSLT's

I still have most of this stuff on ZIP disks (remember those!!!) and now I'm going to have to dig through them to see what I can bring back even for just fun.

Anyway if you've ever had a site that you just kinda forgot about or changed so radically it's not the same site you should take a look for it in the Internet Archive, it pretty interesting seeing all the differences.

I use Google Reader as my only RSS reader and absolutely love it since I bounce around from computer to computer to phone.....

As quite a few other people have pointed out today ,

Google Reader now has search (among other things), but the thing I mainly care about is the search and it has already been helpful.