Thats a Wrap!

Well that's it for 3.0 we're in code freeze now so it's only major bugs left to work on and hopefully there won't be many of those.

Now I have some more time to get some of my other projects moving along.

I'm planning on rewriting my Sample Application to take advantage of some of the new 3.0 features.

The sourceforge projects moving along again. There have been some very interesting changes and feature additions to the forum application.

And of course there is always 3.1 which even though it is a point version we have big plans for.

Do yourself a favor today

Patrick Wolf has released the newest version of his ApexLib (release 1.03) If you haven't taken a look at it yet and all it's additional features/extensions/usability changes and fixs to APEX it's well worth a look. It's really nice to see extension frameworks for APEX and Patrick's is very well thought out and implemented.

I am a huge fan of the Graphviz flow diagram feature

I'm sure he'd be thrilled to get bug reports and feature requests who doesn't want more work? Or at least stop by his blog and leave a comment for him so he knows he has fans.

I personally can't wait to help him deprecate some of his features as we build mirroring features into APEX or deal with some of the usability issues, and let him move on to fixing all new ones. Hey I'll borrow a good idea ;)

Thanks Patrick and keep up the awesome work!