Thanks Guys!

So now that I'm in the newsletter. Now I actually have to put some more content up for your reading consumption, (Thanks guys not that I wasn't busy enough!) . It's ok though I actually told myself I'd be creating a post every 3 days and we see how well that worked.
So what do we do first?

  • Total control over your SVG Chart CSS styles?

  • Logos on your SVG charts?

  • PDF printing of reports? (I know all the fans want this one and we strive to give the fans what they want)

  • OH! wait thats all HTML DB 1.6 stuff (you want it yet?)

So lets step it up a bit for you 1.5ers and I'll make an INPAGE DHTML tabset to tab between lets say 4 report regions with no page refresh, yeah that sounds like a good second example. (new up example midweek watch it being built here).
If you want something specific speak up or find something wrong with an example speak up thats what those comment fields are for.


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