I've added some statistic counter links from statcounter.com to my blog and to my OTN examples application. I'm using the free service which only tracks detailed stats on the last 100 visitors. It's pretty neat seeing some of the statistic's of how people are using my different sites.

This isn't all just for fun and games though I'm actually going to use the stats I get for something useful. People have complained (from time to time) that some of my examples aren't really step by step howto's but are more random code drops, which is what they are meant to be. But it does make sense to create howto's on the more popular examples if for no other reason than to make it easier for people just starting off in APEX or in integrating APEX with more client side features a better start.

Hopefully it will help with some of my documentation skills as well, which is why I only do code drops in first place ;).

Feel free to browse the statistic's as I've made them public. I personally like the maps of where people are accessing my site from.

Map for OTN Examples
Map for carlback.blogspot.com


  1. Patrick Wolf said...
    Hi Carl,

    looks like a &guest=1 has to be added to the URL, otherwise you are asked to login.

    The following URL work for me.

    Carl Backstrom said...
    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for catching that it must have been picking up my cookie so it worked for me. I've added &guest=1 to both links.

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