Where's my Music Stream! (Non Oracle)


Today is the Day of Silence on Internet Radio, and guess what I noticed! I work from home and listen to Internet Radio near all day. The music is better than regular radio and I don't have to listen to the same song 15 times a day.

If you haven't done it yet go visit read up on the issue here http://www.savenetradio.org/about/index.html , http://www.savenetradio.org/about/myths_and_facts.html (retroactive rate hikes what the HE**!!) the rules and rates are insane and don't make any sense.

I don't know who thinks this is a great idea but talk about trying to kill an industry in it's infancy. People this is killing the goose that is going to lay the golden egg, you've all read the story! So take a couple minutes http://www.savenetradio.org/ and write your congressperson and senators.

Like the conversation I just had with my sister.

(08:32:47 AM) sister : :-O
(08:34:54 AM) sister : it was funny i just was bit**** to cyndi how today was a day of no internet radio and then you pooped in with the site to write
(08:35:10 AM) carl: have you written your senator
(08:35:12 AM) carl: senator
(08:35:18 AM) carl: or are you just bit****
(08:35:31 AM) carl: because just bit**** ain't gonna help

Now I'm not going to kid you , I care about this for purely selfish reasons. When coding I have music playing all the time, I like new music, I like good music, I can't get either of those from regular radio and barely from satellite radio but I get tons of it from streaming audio. So if your in the position to do so drop your senators and representative an email or a call it only takes 5 minutes.



Because this post is slightly political and very opinionated I finally added a disclaimer to this blog but I am applying it retroactively ;).

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I agree 100%, I've listened to internet radio for ages now, from stations all round the world (not just UK based ones).

    The rates and rationale make no sense at all, absolutely crazy.


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