Heads up!!

Just a quick heads up per this OTN thread the Oracle DBA Toolbar for Firefox seems to break sections of Application Express , most noticeably sections of the SQL Workshop. It also breaks Firebug ,and a couple other random addons, so it looks like it is just some javascript or chrome overlap issues.

If your doing Application Express development or just wanting to use Firebug I recommend disabling it or uninstalling it until it can be updated, I'm sure it's not a huge thing or the breaking would be much more spectacular, but considering how busy everybody at at Oracle is going to be very busy for next 9 days it might not get looked at immediately. I'll make to update this post with a big red it's fixed! once it's fixed.

I dropped a couple emails to track down who wrote this but if your the person/group that wrote that toolbar, please contact me I'd like to help out and make sure that it works correctly with APEX.........in about 9 days of course ;)

PS. looks like it breaks blogger as well as I had to uninstall it just to make this post. At least APEX is getting affected along with good company ;)


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