OTN Sample Application Updated

Well something somewhere froze over because I found enough time to get an updated version of my sample application zipped up and upload.

There are some of the new examples in this export.
  • Minimal tagging functionality , along with an xml file to populate the tags table.
  • Examples on how to use $x_Toggle $x_Hide $x_Show on Regions.
  • Javascript code to enable/disable a shuttle item.
  • Example of a function to quickly check a series of values html_CheckSome(pThis,pValues,pArray)
Plus much much more!

You can download it here http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=11933:22.

If you like the theme , and with my visual design skills who doesn't, make sure to grab it because this will be the last export that has that particular one.

As usual make sure to read the disclaimer because I 100% stand by it.


  1. Unknown said...
    Hi Carl,

    Great stuff. I've loaded this many times successfully at work on w/Apache.
    But I'm struggling w/the images in xe at home. I've put the 'carl' subdirectory with gifs and css, etc in the image directory and run apxldimg. Even updated the imagelist.xml.

    Any hints?

    tnks, tim
    Unknown said...

    Nevermind - got it.
    I needed to 'properly'
    update the imagelist.xml

    Anonymous said...
    Good job. Thanks for sharing.
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