New Stuff (2) x01 and friends

So I mentioned in my last post one of my favorite new features in Application Express 3.1 was being able to pass temporary values to OnDemand process, and I showed an example using x01.

Of course passing one value is useful but not as useful as passing 10-13 of them so lets meet the rest.

  • x01-x10
  • g_widget_mod
  • g_widget_action
  • g_widget_action_mod

As you can see there are 10 generic variables, x01-x10 plus the placeholders for some more specific functionality, sure you can use g_widget_mod , g_widget_action , g_widget_action_mod to pass just random values but they are there for a different use which I will go over on in another post.

You can see an example of these variables and code running here.

OnDemand process (GLOBAL_AJAX)


  1. Mark Lancaster said...
    Hi Carl

    Did you know your commenting system on your demo site is broken?

    There is also g_widget_name, g_widget_num_return and g_clob_01. Could you explain them also?
    Carl Backstrom said...

    I skipped g_widget_name and g_clob_01 on purpose but will explain why in a post and example in the near future.

    I did just plain miss g_widget_num_return and added it to the example and will change the code to match in the blog.

    Basically it was a value that we were pass all the time so instead of setting it using x01 - x10 it made sense to always use g_widget_num_return it promotes consistency and is just plain handy.
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