The Gift and the Curse Part 1

Not only is it a pretty good rap album but it's probably a good description what I'm going through right now.

The Gift...........

So I got my new work computer earlier this week (thanks Oracle thats an investment
well worth your money if it saves me 10 minutes a day when I'm
working thats almost an extra hour of work out of me in a week). I've
been working on my own personal desktop for a couple years now just
because I had it all dialed in running Fedora Core 4,extra hardrives, videocards
etc. Even so I was real excited about getting my new kick a** dell
. I asked for the full desktop case since I have quite a few
cards and drives that need to be moved from my old machine to my new

So the day comes for delivery the bright yellow DHL van pulls up and
bamn I'm down the stairs, out the door and bugging the delivery lady before she can pull
out my computer or her scanner, bouncing from foot to foot like a
kid at the ice cream truck.

Sign the paperwork, Grab the box, Duck back in the house.

I'm good now for at least couple hours of hardcore computer setup have
to move drives,cards,data and get everything setup .......

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