Web 2.0 Expo + APEX = Me!

Well if you didn't know Oracle is a Platinum Sponsor of Web 2.0 Expo, here's the page on the Oracle Wiki.

The interesting part to this story, for me, is that Oracle has a booth that will be showcasing different ways that Oracle leveraging the Web 2.0 technologies/techniques/philosophies , and Application Express is one of those technologies, and I get to run the Application Express part of the booth!

There is will be unconference type discussions at the booth, and considering how the OOW unconference saved me before I'm looking forward to doing another one.

Between the people behind AppsLab and mix.oracle.com , XML DB , Semantic Web and more it looks like it will be very interesting conference, even if I just circle the Oracle booth all day, which of course I won't how else will I be able to ......... borrow some new good ideas :).

If your going stop by and say hello.

Fair warning to people that don't know about my booth skills, don't slow down by me and look interested , confused or ask for directions. If you do your going to get a 5 min APEX demo and then there will be another life long APEX developer.

Plus since it is in SF at some point I get to go to one of my favorite restaurants in the world, House of Nanking


  1. Anonymous said...
    Sounds like it'll be an interesting event Carl...

    Oh and Nanking too...good luck, don't do a 'Dimitri' and start moving the tables ;)
    Carl Backstrom said...
    Yeah I wish I was going to Collaborate too but I was focused so much on getting 3.1 out the door I didn't have time to get get all signed up and paperwork together, oh well I'll be at Kaleidoscope , with a non-Linux laptop so the the projectors will work.

    Hey I'm all about Nanking, plus I know the rules, I told him not to move the table , the waitress almost got his fingers ;)
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